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Forensic toxicology is an important tool to a lawyer that provides an opportunity to determine the identity and/or quantity of an alleged substance, or perhaps verify that the found substance is accurate, and a true representation of their findings. 

Types of Forensic Toxicology Services

1. Alcohol (Ethanol)

Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is found and in many types of alcoholic beverages including beer, liquor, and wine.  The concentration or level of ethanol can be measured using blood, breath, or saliva.  Instrumentation used can be a breathalyzer (used by some law enforcement agencies), Gas Chromatograph Flame-Ionization Detection for blood ethanol detection, and other instrumentation.   Blood ethanol determination tends to be more accurate, and reliable compared to breathalyzer.

2. Blood/Urine Drugs of Abuse (DAU) Analysis

The DAU screen is a qualitative measurement of drugs in a sample. It is a quick way to determine whether or not a person is using or abusing drugs. Below are the most common drugs that people use or abuse. The DAU drug screen is available only as individual testing or a 10 panel DAU.

3.   Physical Weight Measurement or Re-weighing of an alleged illicit substance

Because science must be repeateable and reproducible, a re-weighing of an alleged illicit substance(s) - Cocaine, Marijuana, Fentanyl, Heroin, etc., is an important task to verify that the found weight is accurate with an acceptable laboratory tolerance of +/- 10 %.

4.  Document review and report generation with opinion formation

This can be a helpful and an important step in fact finding through research, and reviewing of documents and forming an opinion of the findings.  For example, an attorney in Columbus, Ohio who in over 15 years has never won a case had another case involving the identification of an alleged assailant.  The attorney submitted to us all documents including medical records, lab reports, etc. for us to review and to make a determination if the person correctly identified the alleged assailant.  The attorney represents the alleged assailant.  After reviewing all the it was determined that the person who identified the alleged assailant was taking medications of Morphine, and high level of blood alcohol.  The case was eventually setteled, before a court appearance resulting in a victory for the defending attorney.

5. Deposition and Court Appearance

We are also available for deposition and court appearance, and we will try to accomodate your needs as best as we can based on schedule of current and ongoing cases, as well as availability of expert witness.  Fees involved include costs of deposition and court appearance that can be in forms of hourly or fixed rate.  In addtion, there are also charges for travel, and flight, hotel, food and lodging.  The latter usually applies to out of state cases.

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Confidence in testing results


This can be a blood alcohol test, re-weighing of an alleged substance, drug analysis, and many others. For re-weighing service, it is usually done on site at the Police Station or Sheriff's Office and we bring our on balance or scale.

Quality Testing


In some cases, a sample can be submitted by a courier (Fedex, UPS, etc.), law enforcement personell, and other forms that usually depends on court order discretion.
heroin, fentanyl test, expert witness


Sample Testing Process

Quality results depends a lot on proper collection of a sample.

1. Sample


Using proven methods, appropriately along with Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry that is considered the "Gold Standard" in analytical testing, assures results with 100 % confidence at all times.r.

2. Sample


The final step in the process of testing a sample. Results are usually reported via email, or other forms

3. Reporting

of Results