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Poisonous compounds are chemical compounds that can cause a lot of health probems including fatality if not treated immediately. Poison exposure can be accidental, intentional, premeditated, and other reasons. Some chemical poisons are quick reactiing such as cyanide that can cause death, while others such as Arsenic may take some time before symptoms start to appear. It's difficult at times to determine what the poisonous compounds that someone has been exposed to, however, there are some indicators such as manifestations of symptoms including shortness of breath, rash, ect., and more importantly doing a poisonous compound testing. An accurate test results is critical for the appropriate administration of treatment.

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There are Options or Categories to properly identify the poison in a food, drink, pill, medication, and other substances. You can choose one or more of the Categories or Options below. Please note that if the effects, after exposure is immediate (at least within 5 minutes) then the suspected poison is chemical in nature. On the other hand, if the effects is one hour or more then the poison can be microbial (bacteria, or virus). NOTE: All testing from Categories below are qualitative (positive or negative) ONLY You can choose one or more of the following Categories or Options below. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at 614-515-1792, or email at staydrugfree@toxassociates.com.

a. Category or Option 1 - Comprehensive Drug Analysis - $525.00 per sample
b. Category 2 or Option 2 - Steroid Testing - $455.00 per sample
c. Category 3 or Option 3 - Synthetic Cannabinoids (Marijuana) Testing - $575.00 per sample
d. Category 4 or Option 4 - Poisonous Compounds Analysis - $475.00 per sample
e. Category 5 or Option 5 - Microbial Analysis - $425.00 per sample
f. Category 6 or Option 6 - Herbicides Analysis - $410.00 per sample
g. Category 7 or Option 7 - Pesticides Analysis - $425.00 per sample

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The tests that are available are group in Categories or Options. See Pricing above for descriptions.
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Sending your samples for testing is very simple.  Please click on -> Instructions how to send sample for testing.


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