Coronavirus (COVID-19) Testing and

Hand Sanitizers

Toxassociates, Inc. is now offering testing of coronavirus (Covid-19) and hand sanitizers formulated with some natural ingredients to disrupt growth of microorganisms including coronavirus.  This is in response to the covid-19 crisis to determine if you have  been expose to the virus or not.  If you believed you have been expose to the virus and are showing symptoms, or even though you don't

have the symptoms, and just want to be sure GET OURSELF TESTED NOW.  No physician order is required.


Also introducing our Hand Sanitizer manufactured in our laboratory to Eliminate Covid-19 virus and other germs. In addition, the hand sanitizer contains over 70 % alcohol, some natural ingredients such as aloe, vitamins A & C that we extract from an orange peel. Additionally, the orange peel contains polyphenols that prevents microbial growth, and has medicinal properties of containing large amounts of flavonoids that lowers blood pressure and also an anti-inflammatory agent. The hand sanitizers comes in a 2 oz (perfect pocket size that you carry around with you wherever you go.  Fits in you pants pocket, purse, etc.), 4 oz, and 8 oz containers. No limit. Get yours today to stay healthy and safe.



The field of Toxicology is a study of how toxins (predominantly chemicals in nature) affects organisms including humans, animals, and plants.  In this case, it focuses mainly on human beings after all humans are more inclined to do drugs, medicinally, experimentally, and/or recreationally. 


For medicinal purposes, hundreds or even thousands of drugs were researched and developed to fight or relieve various ailments from a simple heartburn, all the way to cancer, and other serious diseases including cardiac arrythmia, diabetes, pneumonia, and many others. 


Unfortunately, as much as drugs are used to treat many ailments it also found its way into the world of recreational abuse.  Today, more and more people including patients are getting medications not because they're in pain, but to get "High" and/or make lots of money selling prescribed drugs.  Because the potential for abuse is great, an ovedose is the ultimate outcome that can be fatal, or has a debilitating health effects to the individual.


For these reasons, Toxicology was born to help find out what the identity and the amount of substance that the person was exposed to.  In turn, this will help the physician to administer appropriate treatments to removed toxic substances in their body.  In addition, the identified substance say Cocaine the progress can be monitored by doing a quantitative measurement of the amount or concentration of Cocaine in the blood.  If the level is going down, for example at hourly intervals, then the treatment is successful.  We hoped that the person will continue this progress by going to rehabilitation, and resist the temptation of going back to the lifestyle of doing drugs.

Getting Your Samples Tested


Getting your samples tested is a very simple process.  There are many options to choose from to properly identify the substance(s) in your sample(s).  Probably the best way to determine what type of testing to do is to provide us with as much information as possible, so that we can recommend the proper testing options.


Who Can Test a Sample


There are no restrictions on who can test their sample(s) to find out what it contains.  Anyone includes businesses, lawyers, teachers, health personnels, academics, research, individuals, and much more. 


What Type of Testing
That are Available


Over the years, we have amassed a wide menu of testing including drug identification (over 200 different drugs; from Acetaminophen all the way to Zantac), Anabolic Steroids, Poisons, CBD and THC Analysis, Synthetic Cannabinoids, Metals (i.e. lead, arsenic, nickel, others), Bath Salts or Synthetic Cathinones, Kratom.



How To Get Tested For Drugs


You can test yourself for Alcohol and or Drugs for your own knowledge, or if you are required by court or employment-pre purposes.  This can be done at or near where you live, or just about anywhere in the United States.  The process is very simple, and the results can be expedited at an additional cost as well as reported to you, or anyone you designate to receive the lab report.  For more information, please click on this link How To Get Tested for Drugs.


Testing of Poisons


There are many chemicals that are available today, that can be potential poisons contaminating food and drinks, or other materials. However, most poisons are chemical in nature and are usually common household chemicals such as bleach, rat poisoning, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and others Whether it's accidental or intentional poisoning, the best thing to do is to have them tested.  Certainly, your health is very important especially if you think you may have been exposed to a some kind of poisonous substanceFor more information, click on this link Poison Testing.


Substance Identification


Did you find some kind of white powder, or a pill, tablet, solid or liquid substance and would like to know what it is?  Let your hearts not worry, and let us help you with identifying what type of substance you have.  Our Substance Identification Analysis will try to determine if is a drug, poison, synthetic marijuana, or other substance in our menu of testing.  Don't wait too long.  Get it tested right now while it is still fresh, because we have a better chance of finding out what it is, before degradation takes place. 


Check Your Health

Your health is the most important part of living a good life.  No matter how much money and/or fame you have, withoul a good health it can be difficult to enjoy life.  Do yourself a favor, and find out your glucose (blood sugar level), cholesterol, liver functions, if you have heavy metals such as lead, mercury in your system, hepatitis, prostrate serum antigen (PSA), and much more.  You can get your sample collected close to where you live.  As always, consult your physician about the results. 

It's a very simple process.

    1. Click on Check Your Health
    2. Browse through the different testing options
    3.  Order the test(s).  You can pay by credit card (fastest), check or money order.
    4.  Schedule a date and time for sample collection near your area.
    5.  Relax and wait for your results, that can be emailed or whatever your preference is.