Testing Services Listing

The following is a list of Analytical Services that we offer to tests your samples to find out what it contains.

1. Steroids Testing

This will test for most common anabolic steroids including testosterone, stanozolol, etc.  Anabolic steroids are compounds that increases or boost muscle build-up in a relatively shorter period of time.

2. Club Drug and Date Rape Drug Testing

"Date Rape" drug activity has increased significantly over the past 5-7 years targeting victims usually of known acquaintances.

3. DNA Paternal Testing

If you need to know who the real father of your child, DNA analysis is the best way, although still a young science DNA methodology and research have advanced trememdously in the past few years
4. CBD Testing

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, but has many medicinal benefits inclding pain reliever, convulsion treatment, and others.
5. Forensic Toxicology

For the legal analysis or re-analysis of an alleged substances of Amphetamines, Cannabinoids, Cocaine, DNA, etc.

Hair Testing for Drugs, Poisons, Steroids
Hair analysis offers a longer detection of a suspected compound(s) based on the lenght of hair.

7. Kratom Testing


Kratom is a non-opiod that is used to treat opiod withdrawals, relief of pain, and others.

8. Poison Testing


Do you have some materials or substances that you think may be poisonous, and would like to know what they are.  Send it now for testing, and we will find out if it's cyanide, antifree, lead, and others..

9. Substance Identification


Identification of a found capsule, pill, powder, either by itself of from a drink, food, etc.  We can analyzed for drugs, steroids, chemical compounds, and poisonous compounds.

10. Synthetic Cannabinoids Testing


This  has many of the same properties as Marijuana, that binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors causing a "High" feeling of effects, but maybe more potent.  These include JWH-018, AB-Fubinaca, AM-2201 and many others.

11. Verification of Drug


If you purchased a drug on a online pharmacy or other places, and question the integrity of drug whether it be its identity, or concentration a Verification of Drug Analysis is an excellent way to find out.

Testing Process

Testing a sample for drugs, poisons, or whatever was ordered to determine if it contains the correct type and quantity of a compound of interest, or if sample contains any harmful or illegal substances.Although the process of testing for drugs, poisons, and others is highly technical, it is a rather a simple process. The following will outline the process of testing a sample for different compound(s).

a. Sample Collection


b. Specimen Log-in


c. Sample Testing


d. Reporting of results