DNA Paternity Testing Services

The DNA Parentage testing service allows for the determination of the true biological parent of the child. This method is highly accurate as compared to the conventional ABO blood typing, where the result is more general, and not as specific or unique only to one person such as a fingerprint that is unique to an individual. Therefore, the DNA parentage testing has become the choice of resolving the conflict of child dispute. Additionally, DNA parental testing can be submitted as an acceptable evidence in court system today.

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) structure or molecule, which is found in every living organisms was discovered in 1953 by two noted scientists, Watson and Crick. It is responsible for determining the physical and physiological attributes of an organism. For example, the irresistibly bright and captivating scent of a rose flower, the effervescent and flexible trunk of an elephant, or simply the alluring and elegant color of the eyes. Whatever the DNA has programmed to accomplished from the beginning of life can only be appreciated as the great artworks of Michelangelo.

DNA is a unique structure, because it remains constant for a lifetime much like our fingerprint's geometrical line pattern is maintained without varying in shape. DNA can be obtained from buccal cells, or various bodily fluids such as blood, urine, synovial, etc. DNA is extracted and isolated by using an ultra speed centrifuge (< 20,000 rpm). The identification of DNA is done by searching for matching allele sizes from the child, father and/or mother using methods of electrophoresis or Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

The Best Deal In Town


1. Dual Participant (Required) DNA Parentage Analysis - Child, Father or Mother - Fee $365.00 

2. Triple Participant DNA Parentage Analysis - Child, Father, and Mother
               Higher accuracy  
               Greater confidence in results
               Ideal especially in legal cases
               Price - $415.00

3. Re-analyzation of a Disputed DNA Parentage Analysis Result Fee See Dual or Triple DNA Analysis Fees

4. Chorionic/Amniocentesis Testing - Call our lab at 614-515-1792 for information.
Confidence in testing results


The DNA Parentage Analysis will determine if the alleged father is the father of the child
Quality Testing


The specimen type used is a buccal (mouth cheek), by swabbing the inner mouth cheeks with a specially designed swab.

Sending your samples for testing is very simple.  Please click on -> Instructions how to send sample for testing.


Sample Testing Process

Quality results depends a lot on proper collection of a sample.

1. Sample


Using proven methods, appropriately along with Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry that is considered the "Gold Standard" in analytical testing, assures results with 100 % confidence at all times.r.

2. Sample


The final step in the process of testing a sample. Results are usually reported via email, or other forms

3. Reporting

of Results