The Process of Testing for Drugs

1. Collection of Sample

Thei most common sample or specimen type is urine, because it is easily obtainable, less invasive, and cost effective.  A minimun of 10 ml is workeable, but 30 ml volume is ideal.  The sample collecting personell will gather all important information such as your name, address, phone number etc.  Then, the form is signed by both the donor (by you) and the collecting agent.  Thereafter, a urine collection container will be given to you to submit your urine for drug analysis.  The collecting agent will make visual observations of the urine, take the temperature, label it with your name and other identifying attributes.  Now it's ready for analysis.

2. Analysis of Drugs
The most common drugs that will be tested are as follows;


Amphetamines (including Metamphetamines) - These are stimulants like caffeine that keeps you on an up and up basis, especially for those long range driving or perhaps pulling an all nighter studying.


Barbiturates (Amobarbital, Pentobarb, Phenobarb, etc.) - Sedatives that are considered "downers" that are used in surgery, or to induce coma.


Benzodiazepines (Valium, Rohypnol, Xanax, etc.) -  The characteristics of these drugs are hypnotic and psychotic, that are generally used to calm nerves, induce sleep, and other usefull medical treatments.


Cannabinoids (Marijuana) - The most popular drug in the entire world.  Marijuana gets people with a "high" feeling experience often depressive and calming.   Interestingly, Marijuana targets the part of your brain called the Hypothalamus that controls hunger, thirst, and sexual drive.


Cocaine - These is derived from a plant called Erythroxylacea coca that are native in various contries in South America including Colombia, Argentinia, and others.  Cocaine is also a stimulant that is highly additive that can cause rapid beating of the heart, extreme alertness, headaches and others.  Often times the person needs to go to the hospital, or take Marijuana to control the rapid heart beating.


Methadone - is a synthetic opiod that is usually used as a treatment for heroin use and abuse, but in itself it has a potential for abuse.


Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) - Probably one of the most popular narcotic drug use by a lot of people most notably celebrities, of course many of your daily types of people.


Morphine - A narcotic analgesic drug that is very powerful and a high potential for addiction.  This is also a plant based drug obtain from poppy plant.  Interestingly, eating bive agels with poppy seeds can give a false positive for Morphine.  However, you'll have to eat at least 12 bagels with poppy seeds to even get a detectable levels of Morphine.


Rohypnol (Flunitrazepam) - a Benzodiazepin drug that found its way into the "Club" scene and more importantly as a "Date Rape Drug".


Gammahydroxybutyric Acid (GHB) -  This drug has been around for awhile, and was developed for surgical reasons and to enhance muscle growth.  However, many have experimented with this drug by using it to encapacitate their victims, mainly women for sexual advancements.


2. Schedule an appointment for drug screen

Click on this link to schedule an appointment.  Please bring with you a valid identification such as a driver's license, passport, current college id, or other government issued id's.  In addition, bring with you the drug testing form.


Schedule an appointment



You can test for one drug or multiple drugs called Panels that suits your needs. 

Please indicate what drugs you want tested from the above list.


a. Single Drug - $32.00 per sample


b. 5 Panel Drug Test - $55.00 per sample


c. 7 Panel Drug Test - $72.00 per sample


d. 10 Panel Drug Test - $125.00 per sample