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Pets such as cats, dogs, birds, snakes, and many others have become such an important part of our lives, because they give us with so much joy, unconditioned love, a companion, someone to harrass (play with), etc. It doesn't care who you are, your race, beliefs, religion, man or women, short, tall, the way you look, they love you just the same. All they asked is to feed them the best foods that are available in the market today. Not just any pet foods, but clean, no contaminants, harmful chemicals, and others. Just remember, a dog can't heed you unless you heed them. So give them what they deserved, the healthiest pet foods, and a reciprocity of love and affection.

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1. Ethylene Glycol - This is a chemical compound commonly called an antifreeze, that can be found in an automobiles radiator. Dogs seemed to be attracted to this chemical, however, ingestion of this antifreezed can lead to healthy problems including kidney failure.  

2. Melamine - Another chemical compound that is used to make dinnerware, platics, and other products. It was also added in pet foods to increased its protein content, but proved to be damaging that affects various organs including kidneys, and reproductive organs.  

3. Cyanuric Acid - A compound used in many industrials applicatioins including bleach manufacturing, and others. It can be also be found in some livestock feeds in small amounts allowed by FDA, however, it also found its way in pet foods. The presence of cyanuric acid can also affect kidney health.  

4. Microbial - These include Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria just to name a few common microorganishms that were found in some pet foods.  

5. Vitamin D - It was also determined that an elevated or excess concentration of Vitamin D were also found in various types of pet foods. Vitamin D is essential in a diet, however, too much of this compound can lead to various health problems including kidney failure, vomiting, and sometimes death.
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