Home Poison Test Kit

This is a home test kit for poisons to test your drinks or foods to see if there are any poisonous compounds, that were added (tampered with) or a contamination.   Simple to use.  Results in about 2 - 8 mins.  Follow instructions well, and dispose waste properly.  NOTE:  This cannot be use for blood, hair, or urine.  Strictly for food and drinks ONLY.

What's included in the poison test kit

1. Test or Detection Card
     a. Two detection cards for 1. Cyanides/Azide Compounds, and 2. Heavy Metal Compounds (Lead, Mercury, etc.)
     b. Detection Pouch for Arsenic and Arsenic Compounds

2. Instructions in color
3. Gloves, Cutlery, Paper Towels, Thrash Bag, Cutting Board, 2 Eye Droppers,
4. Mixing Bowl

Testing Instruction

Step 1. Sample preparation
   - For liquids (coffee, tea, sodas, alcoholic beverages, soup, etc.) go directly to step 2.
   - For foods (pizza, entrees, burgers, etc.) minced by using a cutting knife and a cutting board provided.  Place in a mixing bowl (provided).  Add appropriate amount of water (distilled), close lid and shake bowl for about a minute.  Go to
step 2.

Step 2

- Using an eye dropper (provided), transfer a small amount of mixture from the bowl to the marked "place sample here" of the testing (detection card).  Note color change

Step 3 - Read results
- A color change that matches the color from your sample to the color from the testing card indicates a positive result
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Confidence in testing results


This will tests for three groups of chemicals. 

 1. Cyanides (Hydrogen Cyanide, Potassium Cyanide) and Azides (Sodium Azide)
  2. Heavy Metals - Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, others
  3. Arsenics - Inorganics and Organic Arsenics

Quality Testing


Sending your samples for testing is very simple.  Please click on -> Instructions how to send sample for testing.


Sample Testing Process

Quality results depends a lot on proper collection of a sample.

1. Sample


Using proven methods, appropriately along with Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry that is considered the "Gold Standard" in analytical testing, assures results with 100 % confidence at all times.r.

2. Sample


The final step in the process of testing a sample. Results are usually reported via email, or other forms

3. Reporting

of Results