How To Get More Gas At The Pumps

During summer mode, gas prices tend to be higher as more and more people travel to different places. Some go to work, others go to vacation as far as maybe California., or just the pleasure of cruising around for the fun of it. You can think of gas a the software of computer, and the car as the hardware. Or the DVD disk as the media, and the DVD player as the hardware. What’s common between these items are that they need each other to work.. In this case, gasoline is needed, in order for the car to run. Nationwide, the price of gas average about $2.70 per gallon and most sedans has a gas tank capacity between 13 - 19 gallons, while most suv’s/crossovers has an average gas tank capacity between 20-30 gallons depending on the size of the vehicle. So at the low end of 13 gallons, a fill up will run about $35.00 and with an average fuel consumption for sedans at 31 mpg, it will travel to about 403 miles (highway miles). In contrast, an SUV with a 30 gallons fuel tank will cost about $81.00, and with an average fuel consumption rate of 25 mpg, it will go as far as 750 miles (highway miles). Now compare to prices of gasoline in other countries, say Venezuela where gas prices are at $0.25 cents per gallon. So for a sedan with a 13 gallons fuel capacity, will cost a total of $3.25. That’s a big difference in price compare to the United States at $2.70 per gallon, a fill up of a 13 gallon tank cost $35.00. We are paying 92 % more for gas than the Venezuelans do. Is that crazy or what.

What are we gonna do. Think about it. For a sedan, if you fill up an average of 2 tanks per month just to go to work, and maybe visit some friends and families who lives about 30-40 miles from you, your monthly gas expenditure will be about $70.00 per month. In Venezuela, they’ll only spend about $6.50 and an extra cash of about $64.00, that can be spent on something else such as foods, clothing, bills, and others.

Driving a car is a necessity, that allows you to go to work, buy groceries, go to appointments, and lots more. The gas companies knows that you need your car for those important errands, places to go to. They know that they have what you need to get around places day to day, because we are all too lazy, or probably have gotten spoiled and used to driving a car instead of taking the bus or other mass transit transportation methods. However, taking a bus has its drawbacks and I’ve come up with a better idea from taking people from one place to another. Stay tuned.

We are at the mercy of the gas companies. They know we’ll pay any price to drive our cars anywhere we need to go. There’s no negotiations at this time. For now we’ll have to be their “slaves” and go along with their wishes.

This got me thinking as I was pumping gas in my car at a gas station. I said, wait a minute! As the gas comes out of the nozzle, it reminded of something I learned when I was in college. Sometimes, if you stop and look around and smell the breath of fresh air, things will come up and solve a problem. I’ve discovered something, that’s totally amazing, and mind blowing. Whatever I learned in college, definitely applies in the real world. The geniuses that came up with the formula really work hard to developed it. All I had to do is use it one day, when that opportunity comes around.

That opportunity came around, and as I was pumping gas at my gas tank I started thinking about the scientific formula called the Ideal Gas Law, which is learning is good for the brain, knowledge belongs to the world, what's good for the brain is good for the heart.Pressure x Volume = n (#number of moles) x R (a constant) x Temperature.

How does the Ideal Gas Law come to play in getting more gas for less. If you look at the Ideal Gas Law Equation of PV = nRT, by arranging the equation so that we get more gas Volume, thus V(volume) = nRT/Pressure. The Volume and Pressure are inversely proportional where if you increase the Pressure you Decrease the Volume, and vice versa where Decreasing the Pressure will increase the Volume.

So next time when you pump gas at the gas station, pump it slow so that you get more gas for the same price. Good Luck.