Interesting Facts About Drugs

A drug is basically a substance that is use to treat various ailments from something simple as a headache, allergy, high blood pressure, acid reflux, and many others.  Surely, as drugs are used for medicinal purposes it has also found its use in a recreational fashion, getting "high" or getting "stoned". 


As many things in life, drugs can be naturally occuring or synthesized (laboratory made).  What's the difference, well one is natural, obviously, and it is mainly extracted from plants such as aspirin from a willow bark, digitalis, a heart medication from the Digitalis purpurea plant, and lots more.  Of course, synthetic drugs which are made in a lab by the mixing of different chemicals to make a desired chemical drug compound.  The advantage of natural is that they are more safe, and has less side effects, whereas synthetic drugs tend to have more adverse effects in that it fixes one problem, and creates another one.  This is probably due to impurities, that are not completely removed from the mixing of many chemicals together.




Drug Compound Listing

Drugs A - D Drugs D - H Drugs H - M Drugs M - P Drugs P - Z
Acetaminophen Desalkylnorpace Hydromorphone Methotrexate Propanolol
Acetophenazine Desenex Hydroxyzine Methsuximide Prozac
Albon Desipramine Ibuprofen Methylnaltrexone Pseudoephedrine
Amantadine Desyrel Imipemem Methylphenidate Quinidine
Amiodarone Desoxyn Imipramine Methyprylon Quinine
Amitriptyline Detrol Imitrex Metoprolol Ranitidine
Amoxapine Dextromethorphan Imovax Metronidazole Rifampin
Amphetamine Diazepam Imuran Morphine Ristocetin
Amphotericin-B Dicyclomine Inderal Nalorphine Risperidone
Atropine Diethylpropion Indomethacin Nalbuphine Ritalin
Amprolium Diphendramine Kanamycin Naltrexone Ropivacaine
Benzoic Acid Dobutamide Keppra Naproxen Salicyaltes
Benzoylecgonine Diabinese Ketamine Navane Scopolamine
Benztropine Doxepin Ketoconazole Nicotine Seldane
Brompheniramine Doxylamine Ketoprofen Nifedipine Seroquel
Bupivacaine Dyphilline Klonopin Nirvanol Sertraline
Butalbital Ephedrine Lamotrigine Nitrazepam Temazepam
Caffeine Ergot Lamisil Nordiazepam Tetracaine
Cannabinoids Erythromycin Lamprene Norpace Tegretol
Carbon Monoxide Econozole Lanoxin Norpropoxyphene Theobromine
Carisoprodol Ecstasy Lasix Nortriptyline Theophylline
Cialis Ethinamate Levabuterol Olanzapine Tocainide
Chloramphenicol Ethosuximide Levitra Opana Tolbutamide
Chlorazepate Ethotoin Levsin Optivar Tolmetin
Chlorothiazide Ethchlorvynol Librium Ovide Trazodone
Chlorpheniramine Fenoprofen Lidocaine Oxycodone Triamterine
Chlorprocaine Flucytosine Lorazepam Oxyphenbutazone Trihexyphenidyl
Chlorpromazine Flunitrazepam Loratadine Papaverine Trimipramine
Chlorpropamide Flurazepam Loxapine Pemoline Trileptal
Chlorprothixene Fluphenizine LSD Pentazocine Trimethoprim
Cimetidine Gabapentin Maprotiline Pantoprazole Ultram
Clomipramine Gammahydroxybutyrate Malathion Pepcid Ursodiol
Clonazepam Gentamicin Maxipine Pheniramine Vicodin
Clonidine Halazepam Mepivacaine Phentermine Viagra
Cocaine Halcion Meprobamate Pheyleprine Verapamil
Codiene Haldol Mesantoin Phenylpropanolamine Warfarin
Cortisone Heroin Mesoridazine Phenytoin Welbutrim
Cotinine Hexobarbital Methadone Procaine Xylocaine
Cyclobenzaprine Hydrochlorthiazide Methamphetamine Promazine Xanax
Cyanide Hydrocortisone Metapyriline Propecia Zantac
Dalmane Hydrocodone Methocarbamol Propoxyphene Zestril