The Different Tests for Product Certification

We underestant how important to certiffy that your product is safe, and free from contaminants.  Therefore, we have developed various testing methods to screen and identify a contaminant, or banned substances that may be in your products.  For simplicity, we categorized the different testing options that you can choose from , that will be best for certification of your products.


1. Drugs


The drug analysis will tests for over 150 drugs including over the counther drugs such as aspirin, acetaminophen, etc., prescribed such as prozac, codeine, amitriptylline, and many others, and illicit drugs of cocaine, marijuana, fentanyl, opiates, and others.


2. Anabolic Steroids


 This will test for most common anabolic steroids including testosterone, stanozolo, etc.  Anabolic steroids are compounds that increases or boost muscle build-up in a relatively shorter period of time.

3. Cannabidiol (CBD)


 CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, but has many medicinal benefits inclding pain reliever, convulsion treatment, and others.

4. Kratom Analysis


Kratom is a non-opiod that is used to treat opiod withdrawals, relief of pain, and others.

5. Substance Identification


Identification of a found capsule, pill, powder, either by itself of from a drink, food, etc.  We can analyzed for drugs, steroids, chemical compounds, and poisonous compounds.

6. Synthetic Cannabinoids Testing


This  has many of the same properties as Marijuana, that binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors causing a "High" feeling of effects, but maybe more potent.  These include JWH-018, AB-Fubinaca, AM-2201 and many others.


7. Pesticides and Herbicides


Chemicals such as diazinon, roundup, and others use to control insects, weeds, etc., that  can destroy or devastage crops, plantation, garden vegetations, and many others.span>




Product Certification Testing Process

The process of getting your products certified is a simple process.  The following will explain how this is done.  Note: In order to certify a product, it must already be pre-packaged and ready for use, and Must include a product name.  Also note, if the product comes from the same source, but with different product name, then each product name is considered one product or one sample with its corresponding price.


1. Compounds That Will Be Tested


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2. Pricing

Please contact us to discuss pricing, questions you may have, and others.  Volume discounts are also available.

3. Submitting Your Samples for Testing

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